Lufuno is a young artist born and bred in the prestigious province of Limpopo in Sinthumule in Venda. From his humble begins where he use to sing at his grandfather's church, who was a bishop, he discovered his calling to sing at a tender age. After the death of both his parents as a young boy Lufuno learned how to thank God by using his talent of singing.


What cemented his fate as one of the best perfumers that will ever grace our stage, is when he was grade 11 and doing his oral exam for his First language( Venda).Instead for speaking, he sang and the room went silent, the people who were there to witness this moment were in amazed.

The teacher rewarded him 110% for his creativity and blessing them with his talent. Lufuno was born to sing and to touch live through his anoint voice. Drawing his musically inspiration from legendary artist such as Dr Rebecca Malope, groomed him to be the artist he is today.


With the sole mission to monitor other young children in our country, whom like him are orphans. He plans on using his album to motivate them in saying it does not matter what your background is, we all have the right to dream and defy the odds. With hunger and passion he went into studio to record his debut album titled: Ezulwini. His collaboration with one of south Africa's award winning producer Techno P has created a sound that will move gospel lovers across our country, working on album that will be remembered as one of the most remarkable gospel albums of all time. He aims to bring his market an album that will spread a good message while equally being entertaining.


Music to him represent God grace and his talent is vessel that he can use to bring hope to people that have lost faith. His long term goal is to keep recording and growing his brand and career. He is currently finishing his degree, Bachelor of Art in Environmental Management at Unisa inspired by growing in Limpopo better known as Africa's Eden .He has a passion for nature and preserving it. Lufuno's album will reach out to those that need to be inspired and heal the souls of those who are currently indeed.


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