Ambani Mukwevho- South African performing artist


Ambani Mukwevho was born in Venda Nzhelele where she grew up.

She started singing Disco music and Hip-Hop.

She started singing at school and church choir that was when her passion for music developed


Mukwevho Ambani known as BEE-GEE as well as QUEEN OF HOUSE has just been signed under KCP record Label (Kushesh creative Production/Promotion) and just released her new album under the record label with more hit tracks


Ambani has always been a music lover, collecting cds and tapes since she was 11 years of age when she was in grade 8.


She started to write her own music which was HIP-HOP and HOUSE music

she started visiting local recording studio and she developed interest of her own album.

When she was doing matric 3 years ago she was given the opportunity to write a Wedding’s song, that's when she wrote a hit song" MARRY ME"

She started distributing her music on her own on street corners until SUPER HOUSE records signed her


Ambani studied  music at State theatre in Pretoria after she completed her matric in 2009

Everyone that was using the song "Marry Me" and "Say Goodbye" went Platinum and "Marry me" became the most popular song in Africa.

She has performed almost all over South Africa and other African countries like

Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Mozambique.


Ambani has blended her four favourite genres of music, house music, rnb, gospel and hip-hop to make her signature easy listening and sensual sound.

She offers something that is and diverse.

A summation of her voice and her style of singing communicates to all age groups young old across the African continents

Ambani has release her New album called REVEAL which will be soon available soon in stores

Her come back in the industries of music has made people talking after she had stopped releasing because of the case she had with a DJ that stole her hit song "Marry Me" and sold it without her authorization

Ambani’s songs

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